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Public Works

Pathways and crosswalks, streetlights, snow clearing, road paving

Trash / Recycling

Schedule, heavy trash collection, Tax Drop collections

Zoning, Permitting and Petitions

Fences, rural and urban service district, overgrown grasses

Parks and Recreation

Shelter reservations, maps, dog park membership, Zionsville Golf Course

Police Department

Noise ordinances, copies of reports, solicitor permits

Town Court

Traffic tickets, deferral program, claims

Fire Department

Open burning, tents

Resident Services

Notary service, assistance program, golf carts, taxes

I am in the Rural Service District. What steps need to be taken to transition to the Urban Service District?

At least every two years, the Town of Zionsville elected leaders identify potential areas to transition from county to town police and street services based in part on adjacency to the existing Urban Service District (contiguity) and the presence of public water and sewer. Requests from HOAs to be transitioned can also be considered. The administration and town staff will review the financial responsibility of this action through the creation of a fiscal plan to ensure the town can adequately provide services in the reclassified areas. The Town Council will then hold a public hearing and consider adopting a reclassification ordinance to transition service areas. These typically go into effect on January 1 of the following year.